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Contact Your MPP, and let them know how you feel about BSL.


Get Out And Vote

I can not stress this enough. Get Out And Vote! This is the only way we will be able to effectively make any change in the Province Of Ontario.

Find what Electoral District you are in, find the MPP that believes Breed Specific Legislation is not effective, and vote them into office.

As long as Liberal party is in power, Breed Specific Legislation will remain in place. They were the ones responsible for whipping the vote to put this in place, against the recommendation of the majority of the professionals that testified at the hearings against Breed Specific Legislation.

There have been several well executed Private Members Bills put forth over the years to have Breed Specific Legislation removed from the Province of Ontario, all of which have failed to pass due to the Liberals refusing to admit that they messed up by putting Breed Specific Legislation in place back in 2005. Since they are unwilling to admit their error, the only way this will be removed will be to ensure they do not manage a majority for another term.

Speak To Your MPP About Breed Specific Legislation

The more we can get this topic in front of the ones having a vote in the decisions of the Government Of Ontario, the better chance that reason will prevail.

There have already been several cases of party members willing to go against the party line and supporting the removal of Breed Specific Legislation from the Province of Ontario. The more pressure we can put on the MPPs, the better chance we have to effect change on their decision making to support the removal.

Educate Others

You would be amazed how many tax paying Ontario residents don't actually know the history of Breed Specific Legislation in Ontario

Everyone needs to be informed on this topic as the degree of waste of money spent on this topic is enormous. The more residents that know, the more people we have talking to their MPP questioning the waste of fiscal resources on something that has less then a trackable difference in the safety of the residents of Ontario.

Breed Specific Language in the Dog Owners Liability Act is less effective in promoting safety than proper Dangerous Dog legislation. This is where we need to be focused. Any dog can be dangerous and these are the animals that the province needs to be concerned with. Poor ownership and animal abuse are the top reasons that we have misbehaving dogs in our communities.