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  • Justice For Bullies


    BSL is a law that is enacted by legislators, with hopes of reducing dog bites, unwanted criminal behavior, and achieving public safety. BSL targets specific types of dogs.

    BSL is usually enacted as a knee jerk reaction that follows a highly publicized and often serious attack. Politicians often feel that they must do something to keep the public safe, and that they must do it now. Without little knowledge, efforts or time BSL is enacted and the problems of dog bites still remain. 

    Tips BSL Pit Bull Canada

  • KC Dog Blog


    A Well known online blog for BSL related information

    Tips Treats BSL Pit Bull Canada USA Blog

  • Brindle Stick


    Online blog related to Pit Bull Breed dogs.

    Tips BSL Pit Bull Canada USA Blog

  • Hug A Bull


    Founded in 2003, HugABull Advocacy & Rescue Society is a community committed to rescue, advocacy and outreach for bull breed dogs. We advocate for responsible ownership of all breeds and for evidence-based, breed-neutral laws in our communities.

    Adoption BSL Dog Rescue Pit Bull Canada Club Blog