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Contact Your MPP, and let them know how you feel about BSL.



Stop Canine Profiling started as a group of like minded individuals that believe the current laws that are in place for Breed Specific Legislation are not effective and paint all dogs of a specific breed with the same brush.

We believed, like many against BSL, that the problem is on the upper end of the leash, not the lower. We believe that all dogs should be judged on a case by case basis on aggression, and that there should be more accountability on the owners who do not take care to ensure public safety.

A more general coverage of accountability on the owners would not only make it safer for the public as any aggressive dog, regardless of breed, would have less of a chance to bite, as well as ensuring that dogs that are behaved are not punished base solely on their breed.

But times have changed, people had disagreements and the group fractured and fell apart. This to me wasn't acceptable, so I picked up the torch alone and have been running with it since.

I still have the same beliefs, that Breed Specfic Legislation doesn't work, puts the blame at the wrong side of the leash, and is a total waste of tax payer resources. I have continued to manage and build this site, regardless of the split of the group as I believe we can change the current climate in the province as well as world wide.

I have pivoted the site to be a more general Breed Specific Legislation site, including a feed of news articles from the internet on the topic, while still keeping the drive to work with all the other support groups in the province to remove this horrible law.

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We will maintain a listing on the site as well of the other advocay groups in the province of Ontario and throughout the country.

You can find that list through the link below. If we are missing any, please be sure to register them on the list and we will make sure they are included.