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With Dalton McGuinty stepping down as premiere of our province and proroguing the government business, Bill 16 has been killed with all other members bills that were currently on the floor. We will continue our fight with a new bill once government business is back under way.

WTF Toronto?
Did you have too much to drink on June 11th, and totally forgot who you should have been voting for?
I am done being polite about this, but Torontoians, this shit is on you. YOU voted in the Liberals. YOU forgot about all the corruption and waste. YOU are essentially killing family pets now. YOU are responsible for the 50% increases to gas and hydro bills. YOU are responsible for the $1.50 - $1.60 a litre gas proces when they hit. All so YOU could have you damn transit upgrades at the expense of the rest of the province. Well congrats to you. Don't ever leave and come to my town. Idiots.

Bill 16 is dead .. again.
With the changes happening to the Liberals and the resignation of Dalton, he has shut down parliment and in effect killed all members bills.
Our bill will be tabled again and we will continue the fight.

May 9th, 2012, Bill 16 passed through committee and was moved to be elected to be called for a third reading.
BUT, the Liberals shot down every one of the ammendments that were put forth to make this an even better bill.
This was possible by "stacking" the committee and substituting members on the committee to simply be "No Men".
We need to respond to this with more pressure then ever! Please fill out the form linked below and submit it.
Share the living HELL out of this link! We need to FLOOD their inboxes so they can actually see that we want OUR ONTARIO BACK!

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Randy Hillier Introduces Bill 16 to Repeal BSL

Pet Central Reports on US!
WHAT? Pit Bulls as THERAPY DOGS? Hershey used to be but isn't allowed anymore!
Today Show does clip on Pit Bulls as Therapy Dogs!

StopK9Profiling would like to extend a big Thank You to Leandra and all the staff at Paul Coffey's Bolton Toyota for the donation through their fundraising campaign!
Cesar Millan Agrees!
This is an open invitation to Cesar to come out and support us in the removal of BSL from Ontario. We have tried to get in touch with you many times through many different means and have not been successful. If you are willing and able to say something for us to promote the removal of BSL from Ontario, please contact us through the site.

Sean presents Cesar with his own shirt!

'Dog whisperer' says pit bull ban is bad news.

TORONTO - Ontario's pit bull ban is an unfair law based on ignorance - because getting rid of a breed of dog doesn't get rid of the problem, says celebrity dog trainer Cesar Millan.

Millan, known as the Dog Whisperer for his uncanny ability to solve canine behavioural problems, was in Toronto this week promoting his National Geographic Channel show and the recent DVD release of the first season's episodes.

"In the United States, in the '70s, they did the same thing to the Doberman. In the '80s they did it to the German shepherd, in the '90s they did it to the Rottweiler, and now they're doing it to the pit bull," he says.

"So whatever dog is in fashion, people are going to blame them for things."

Under the Ontario ban, which was passed last August, it is illegal to own, breed, transfer, abandon or import pit bulls or other breeds "substantially similar" to pit bulls. Owners who violate the law can be fined up to $10,000 and/or be sentenced to six months in jail. The court can also order a dog to be destroyed.

For the Dog Whisperer, there are no bad dogs nor bad breeds, just bad owners who need to be trained. On his show he displays a remarkable ability to rehabilitate once-dangerous pooches because he knows how to position himself as the alpha dog, the leader of the pack.

Read the entire article on CTV.

Big Thanks to John Pollock and the Fight Network for getting
word out about the fight to have BSL removed from Ontario.

As children we are taught that it is wrong to judge people based on their looks. Body-type, race, hairstyle, none of these things indicate the value of a person. So why does the government feel it's okay to ban 'Pit Bulls' based on their looks?

So-called 'Pit Bulls' are actually four different breeds, plus any dog that looks substantially similar.

Punish the deed, not the breed!

Dog bites and attacks are a serious problem, no one is debating that. But breed bans are not the answer. No breed of dog is inherently more dangerous than another; responsible dog owners can and do make the difference. Even if you have never allowed a Pit Bull-type dog into your heart, this issue affects every dog owner. "All breeds and mixes are now just a bad news story away, one pen stroke away from being wiped out by our government," points out Dog Legislation Council of Canada President, LeeAnn O'Reilly.

Expert opinion

When asked about the repeal of breed specific legislation (known now as Bill 16 ), Dalton McGuinty said "it would not be considered," and went on to say, "We got the best advice we could and put in place legislation we think upholds public safety." How can this be true when McGuinty didn't listen to the experts? In fact, 43 of the 44 experts were totally against the ban. Proof of this can be found in page 2 of "Bill 132; A Concise Summary of The Public Hearings."

Reactionary legislation?
Look at "Canadian Statistics for Fatal Dog Attacks" and decide for yourself if ALL Pit Bull type dogs are killers, especially when there have been hundreds of thousands of these dogs in Canada over the past fifty years.
The media has somehow managed to promote the untruth that all Pit Bulls and substantially similar dogs are dangerous, however FACTS do not warrant their hype, or this ban. Help us to repel this unfair ban, and save the lives of innocent dogs.
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